“I need Money Now – I have No Job”

In the current economic climate it is no surprise to find people without jobs who are unable to pay their bills. In fact, the unemployment rate has stood above eight percent for multiple years with a gloomy forecast ahead. Much of the employment within the past few months has actually been from people who are leaving the workforce. Elder people are retiring early now that they are unable to find a job.


Unfortunately for many middle-aged men and women, retiring early is not an option. There are still mouths to feed and bills to pay. The lack of a job can impact a family in many different ways. However, the lack of a job could also be a good thing. Hear me out…


There are so many ways for people to earn money these days. When I need money now and I have no job, I actually look to the computer and the internet for ways to earn money. It is not a complicated task in all honesty. Go to Fiverr and find something you are good at to sell for $5.


Even if you are unable to use a computer or do not have access to the internet, there are a number of ways to earn money. When I need money now and I have no job, I sometimes choose to offer to clean somebody’s house. In three hours it is possible to earn $60. Do three houses in a day and you have made $240 in a single day. If you don’t work weekends that actually equals $62,000 a year. If you really need money then work on the weekends for even more money!


While you are on the way to cleaning people’s houses you can actually earn more money. Offer rides to local people and share the gas money. You may not earn a lot, but you will save some money on gasoline, which is even more expensive than usual.


Another thing you can do to earn extra money is babysitting. If you provide advertisements in your local Laundromat then you will most likely have a steady group of customers that will pay for your babysitting services. This is an easy job that can actually be done while doing other tasks on the internet to earn money. When I need money now and I have no job, I try to babysit local kids while finding work on the internet that pays.


The worst case scenario is the pawn shop. When I need money now and I have no job, I often turn to the pawn shop as my final stop. Sometimes I can get of things I never use, but more than likely the pawn shop will just help you get by and nothing more. Use the pawn shop as a last resort!


Times will get better, but only if you think creatively and try new things. The most difficult aspect of earning money without a job is finding a place to actually achieve it. Keep trying and you will achieve.

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