Don’t Ever get Stuck Saying I Need Money Again

What you are about to read might possibly re-frame the way you think just prior to ever saying I need money again. That’s because I too was once in your shoes and in the next couple of paragraphs I am going to briefly explain to you what I did to never have to say I need money to myself or my loved ones again.

It all started when I had my first child and of course to make matters difficult it had to be around the time that I was actually unemployed. This sucked and it really bothered me because I knew that not ten years ago the economy was good enough to have a child, but unfortunately like perhaps the people reading this, I failed to see it coming, more on this bit in a moment. Keep reading…

Now I know this is my first post and it’s very brief but I just wanted to welcome you to my new site, I hope that you find many useful bits of information that I know will help you find a little bit of money online. That’s where it all begins in my opinion, trying to find just that little bit of hope that you can make some cash online and that’s what I hope this website does for you.

Really quick I’d just like to share some resources with you that I know will get you started on your quest to completely destroying that thing you used to say, what was it? Oh yeah I need money, well soon you will be telling your friends how to make money fast. I used to say I need money because when you actually find something that works and put it into action the results are amazing. One particular place I recommend all of my visitors to check out is definitely the warrior forum and I don’t think there really is a better place for someone new to the make money scene to start at first.

One other really good place that is really for people who have a sense of humor but also want to learn a really good way to make money online through advertising on niche websites, similar to this one is definitely wicked fire.

Some other cool places to check out online would easily have to be hubpages, they really have some quality writers on board.

Check out this video of one of the most successful MMO entrepreneurs, he really brakes down what to expect and really gives some solid advice for anyone that is looking for a quick source of income.

One of his greatest successes was becoming an article writer who then turned into a ghost writer and PLR product creator. A lot of what he talks about in this video may be found on the warrior forum and other places where you can start writing for other entrepreneurs like yourself.

You will also notice that he uses a really positive way to re-frame ever needing to commit to saying anything related to needing money. That’s because he used to promote and still does promote using the law of attraction. This little known law basically in layman terms, says that, if you want to attract money you must become consciously and subconsciously aware that you will soon have the money that you desire. That’s basically it, don’t say I need money ever again and you will start to activate the law of attraction.

Let me see if I can find you a video that can better explain this little known law. This video is pretty good in explaining the law of attraction:

Now it’s up to you if you want to say this law is from the old bibles that go in a bit of detail about it, but the thing you must take away from this is that this law has in fact been around since the dawn of time and if you’re not using it to assist you in getting exactly what you want out of life which could be closely related to a few things around health, wealth and relationships, you ought to be now. This is what is going to make the difference in your day and I can guarantee it because it did the same for me and I haven’t ever looked back.

Ok so now you want a real method and actual steps to make money online and end the I need money shit? Ok well that’s going to take participation on your part because I am going to give you an actual method to make money online right away if you follow the steps that I will outline below.

First you should sign up to YouTube and get an account set up there. Next you are going to create really bazaar title names for your videos, this will increase the viewing of your video. Next you are going to create a little video that is going to promote your article writing skills online. You can write correct? Well if you are following along this far, my guess is that you can write and write probably better than me. So snow that you have a video up advertising your new business, as a online marketing content provider, you will charge $5 for 500 words of unique content. Create as many videos as you can advertising your new business and don’t forget to include your email address or how else will they contact you?

Next thing to do is go to and get an account setup there, this website is going to bring you fast cash because there are tons of marketers looking for content writers.  OK, so you’re off to a great start in making money online. You have two good resources to advertise your new article marketing business and you should make around $100 a day easily from this method alone. Often times you’ll get people looking for bulk orders once you sharpen your writing chops up to a great quality content provider.

So let’s sum things up that we’ve discussed this far… If you want to cease feeling like no matter what you do you end up shouting I need money to yourself, then you need to use the law of attraction which would mean instead of that I need money talk, you would say, “I’m ready to make money”.  This alone is huge and the first step. Now you need to use your ability to write content for marketers online and start advertising on the two websites I mentioned above. But don’t stop there advertise your services on as many websites as you can.

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Best way to multiply money on Runescape?

Question by The Xseption: Best way to multiply money on Runescape?
I currently have 2.75 mill. With level 73 mining, 54 smithing, 41 woodcutting, and 38 magic. With these stats what is the best way for me to multiply my money from 2.75 mill to 16 mill? Im trying to get a dragon pickaxe to up my mining level. Also im PTP.
Attack- 57
Strength- 50
Defense- 40
All Other Levels I have are below 30

Best answer:

Answer by Manual
funily enough one of the fastest ways to make money in mems is with mem skills not f2p firstly i recommend getting your magic to lvl 55. if you dont want to waste money on runes. play the mini game ‘fist of guthix’ where u can earn some rewards as well as easy free magic xp. i also reccomend geting your fletching to lvl 70 so u can make yew long bows. which u will need 60 wood cutting for. and then u high alch the unstrung bows and make easy profit. but unfortunately you didnt tell me your combat stats because some monsters give good drops. like green drags etc but try a runescape help site such as : for easy ways to train skills. but seriously making money in p2p is rediculous. you could also do some minor scale merching with 2.75mil but u would have to do a little bit of experimenting. or you can stick with mining addy ore

Give your answer to this question below!

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Make Easy Money Online Today

Everyone is looking for an alternative way of making a living, since many are unemployed in this so called economic downturn. Some people are doing extensive career researching, writing resumes, scheduling job interviews, while others are looking at the Internet to “Make Easy Money Online”. With the power of the Internet and the millions of people that are on it each and every day there is no wonder why so many people do Google searches on making money online. 

Over the past year, the Internet businesses have grown even larger than what they have been. The reason being is that there are more and more people at home looking for something different. Many are afraid of the uncertainty with just an ordinary job. They realize that if they got laid off this time, then it can happen again. Most don’t want to have to put their families in this situation ever again. So they are calling out to the Internet in the hopes of finding how to make easy money online. 

There are so many different types of Internet business that one can get involved with. However, you need to make sure that you do your proper research and avoid any potential scams. First of all always make sure that you speak to a live person, before joining any Internet business. There are a lot of businesses out there that claim you will make easy money online. Just make sure to do your homework and ask a lot of question about the business, the products they offer, and the compensation plan. After you do this you should be able to make an educated decision if this business opportunity is right for you. 

Remember that you will have billions of people available at their fingertips each and every day.

The Internet is always up, and people are doing online searches for keywords like “make easy money online” thousands of times each day. It is amazing on how many people will be searching on exactly what you have to offer if you decide to get involved with an Internet business. 

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Who founded the money?

Question by Marry D: Who founded the money?
Who invented the money. When they invented the money and using what

Best answer:

Answer by Jarod C
money, or currency, has been around almost since humans could believed. Man has always traded goods to get other goods,from livestock to women, or yet food their were always dickered doing. Ancient times started using gold and jewelry for money and in time made coins out of other metals, copper, nickel, ect. Our money is basically taking place of gold, and all the gold that the money is used for is barred up in the federal Reserve at Fort Knox. So you can never really tell who invented money, forms of currency have always been around.

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